Desperation setting in and I fail a readathon HARD | Nov wrap up!

It's that time of year where I realise there's NO WAY I can finish my reading challenge on time without some serious work. Here's what my goodreads challenge was looking like on November 24th: 5 books behind schedule!! FUCK!!! I don't know about you guys but I'm a pretty competitive person and doing so badly... Continue Reading →


Crazy Rich Asians | (Definitely made me crazy) | Review

There are two kinds of hot mess. The first, good kind of hot mess is probably best embodied by a university student who stress writes dissertations at 3am fulled only by liquor and peanut butter, but is nevertheless doing their best. The second kind of hot mess has no redeeming features and is an actual... Continue Reading →

I discovered only recently that the late Marion Zimmer Bradley had been accused of child molestation by her own daughter, Moira. It's a horrific story that you can read here, in Moira's account of her childhood. Marion Zimmer Bradley is a name well known in the fantasy and sci-fi community, and I've had The Mists... Continue Reading →

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